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The Heal with Gold Book

10 Golden Nuggets to Heal Your Mind and Soul

This book can transform your life, by helping you become more resilient, appreciate your blessings and teach you how to deal with adversity!

We are all in search of Joy.

Find out from those who found it how they did it.

If you ever wanted a simple guide to healing!

The Heal with Gold is your answer

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What Best Sellers have to say...

Praises for the Heal with Gold book

"This book is a Gem"

"Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, Miriam embarked on a journey to find her own healing and ultimately joy, after having faced adversity. She shares the lessons she has learned from those who have succeeded before her, when she realizes that her ultimate state of joy is impacting others who feel broken, so they too can heal and live fully. The book is a gem."

Tal Ben Shahar, PhD., Founder Happiness Studies Academy, New York Times Best Selling Author of Happier

"Visual and Straightforward How-to-Guide"

"Heal with Gold is a book about resilience written by someone who would not give in on achieving joy after trials and tribulations. Miriam uncovers the commonalities between those who succeeded in overcoming adversity and creates a visual and straightforward How-to Guide to improve the quality of your life. If you realize that no one is coming to save you and that your joy is your choice, read the book and start your transformation."

Jesse Itzler, Author "Living With A SEAL"​ | Co-Founder Marquis Jet | An Owner of the Atlanta Hawks | Keynote Speaker

"You will be emotionally transported to someplace unique where you can take a good hard look at Your life"

"I think God had his hand on the pen as Miriam wrote this manuscript. He gave her the special insight required to understand the women she interviewed. You will ask empowering questions. You will be emotionally transported to someplace unique where you can take a good hard look at Your life. Are you ready to go on this amazing journey?"

Paul Cummings

Founder, PaulCummings WorldWide

The Level 10 Campus

Author of “It All Matters”

"Golden Nuggets that will transform your life"

“Heal with Gold is full of actionable golden nuggets that will transform your life. Personally, knowing the author, I can attest to Miriam’s authenticity and passion for helping women achieve joy and live a life where they not only embrace their scars, but wear them with pride, as they come to recognize that exactly what broke them is what makes them special. As a fashion designer, Miriam encapsulates this message in her collection, and this book is an extension of her work as a strong female entrepreneur who aims to uplift all in her path.”

Simonetta Lein, Top 100 Fashion Influencer, Activist & Founder of The WishWall Foundation

"A “must-read” book for anyone who wants to rebuild their courage, confidence, and inner strength"

"From victim to survivor and thriver, this beautiful uplifting book eases and supports the healing process of profound inner pain. It gives readers the courage to face adversity to mend deep-seated wounds. Like the Japanese art of Kintsugi repairs breakages with gold seams, the author reveals how to liberate yourself from adversity to reclaim your power and dignity. A “must-read” book for anyone who wants to rebuild their courage, confidence, and inner strength.”

Susan Friedmann, CSP, international bestselling author of Riches in Niches: How to Make it BIG in  small Market

"...emerge better, stronger and victorious"

”Everyone who succeeds does so by overcoming obstacles. It’s not a matter of if we will face adversity, but it is a matter of when we will face adversity. Within these pages, Miriam takes us all on a journey from defeat to victory and shows us how we can emerge better, stronger and “victorious.”

Jim Stovall, Bestselling Author,

The Ultimate Gift

My Mess Became

My Message!

I spent two years interviewing Thrivers so I could learn what made them successful in their healing journey! My mission is to share that knowledge with you! 

Miriam Grunhaus


Yes! I want to buy the book!

You pay only $19.95. The book will be shipped directly from Amazon as soon as it is available! The donation will be made at the same time.

Here is A Sneak Peek 

See what's inside the book and which topics are covered

    The Japanese Art of Kintsugi

  • What is Kintsugi

  • What does it mean as a philosophy

  • How seeing it and understanding the process helped me start my healing journey, it can help you, particularly, if you are a visual learner

    The Stories

  • Vignettes from the stories of the women I interviewed

  • How I felt throughout my healing journey

  • What I learned from Thrivers that can change your life

    The Golden Nuggets

  • The top Ten actions taken by all the Thrivers that helped them heal

  • My journey through implementing these lessons and the results

  • Inspiration and empowerment so you can start today!

Get this book today!

Don't Delay!

The faster you read the faster you can start implementing these techniques and completely change your life for the better. What are you waiting for?

Yes! I want to buy the book!

Kintsugi inspired my healing journey. The Thrivers I interviewed showed me way.

In Heal with Gold I share the 10 Golden Nuggets that help each and every Thriver I interviewed.

Yes! I want to buy the book!

You Must Be Wondering What's The Book Like

This softcover book is packed with priceless information!

It will become your night-table companion

Here's A Quick Description Of What You'll Get

  • The book is soft cover with 200 pages

  • There are 16 Chapters which describe what is Kintsugi, how it helped me heal and the 10 Golden Nuggets to healing I learned from the women I interviewed.

  • It is an easy and engaging read, which you will be able to review whenever you feel you lost your focus!

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Who Is this Book For?

This book will help anyone who wants to live a more Joyful life 

  • If you are currently going through adversity

  • If you are looking for inspiration

  • If you have someone in your life who needs your support

  • If survived the worst but want to live a more joyful life

  • If you need actionable guidance

  • If you want to become more resilient so you can handle future hurdles with more ease

  • If you are tired of being a victim

  • If you want to learn about Kintsugi and its philosophy

  • If you want to support other women who are going through hard times

  • If You're Looking to Live your Life to the Fullest and Be Your Best Self...

    This Book Is For You!

    Let me break it down and explain why you need to take action right now…

    If you have gone through adversity in the past, if you are going through a challenging time now or if you understand that life is full of ups and downs and it's only a matter of when you will be tested...

    If you want to be inspired by women like you and me who have overcome and thrived...

    If you want simple and direct processes that have been proven to build resilience and make you more joyful...

    If you want to give a meaningful gift to a loved one... and share the wisdom with others who could transform their lives with this information...

    There hasn't been another generation so ridden with anxiety, depression and an overall lack of Joy! But there are actions we can take and Heal with Gold may just be the answer for you and your loved ones!

    Yes! I want to buy the book!

    Join the FREE Community

    If you follow the advice in the book for 40 days straight and you keep track of what you have implemented in your life and share that with us, and you don't feel at least 10% more joyful than you are right now, we will buy the book back from you!

    It is very hard to measure Joy and we will take your word for it. But we are confident that if you carefully implement the Golden Nuggets, you will improve how you feel! Keep a journal and write your thoughts, actions and how you are handling your challenges and connect with us at the Heal with Gold Facebook Group for support during your journey!

    Miriam Grunhaus

    Get this book today!

    Don't Delay!

    The faster you read the faster you can start implementing these techniques and completely change your life for the better. What are you waiting for?

    Yes! I want to buy the book!

    10 Golden Nuggets to Heal Your Mind and Soul


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